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Degen, which is a mechanical engineering company since over 40 years, initially launched a high speed honing machine for the Grindtec 2010. The high speed honing machine, called "Vision Ultimate", was developd by HoningDesign and was launched shortly after Degen and HoningDesign became partners. One can hardly keep up with the demand since the launch of the "Vision Ultimate" due to its  many advantages compared to the conventional honing technology.


Standard machines and tools have a very short delivery time. Therefore customers have notably more planing leeway. The flexibilty, the broad field of application, the reusability and countless other points are in favor of the high speed honing machine.


All parameters, that are relevant to the honing process, are increased significantly and compared to conventional honing machines of the competition, new standards have been set in the field of honing technology.


With cutting speeds up to 500 m/min. the material removal could be increased by several times. Through the use of bushing honing tools (development of HoningDesign) that flare centrical/cylindrical, holes that are conventionally difficult or impossible to be honed, are often no problem for this new honing technology.


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